Principal Investigator

Stevan Nadj-Perge

Assistant Professor of Applied Physics and Materials Science

California Institute of Technology

1200 East California Blvd MC 128-95

Office: Watson 144

Pasadena, CA, 91125

Email: s.nadj-perge(at)caltech.edu


Postdoctoral researcher

Jeannette I. Kemmer

Office: Steele 3

Email: jkemmer(at)caltech.edu


PhD Student

Harpreet Singh Arora

Office: Steele 5

Email: harora(at)caltech.edu


PhD Student

Robbert M. Polski

Office: Steele 3

Email: rpolski (at)caltech.edu


PhD Student

Youngjoon Choi

Office: Steele 5

Email: ycchoi(at)caltech.edu


  • Jash Banker - Graduate student 2016-2017
  • Sophie (Weiyi) Ding - Joined for SURF 2016 Program
  • Avery Marshall - Joined for SURF 2016 Program
  • Jiyong Yoon - Joined for SURF 2016 Program from GIST