Breaking News:

01/11/2023: Our transport paper on Bernal bilayer bilayer graphene coupled to WSe2 is out in Nature today; Check it out! Congratulations to the team.
09/26/2022: Our transport paper on twisted multilayer graphene is out in Science today; Check it out! Congratulations to the team.

Welcome to the Nadj-Perge Lab

We are a new research group in the Department of Applied Physics and Materials Science at Caltech focused on exploring strongly correlated and topological phenomena in novel nanomaterials and nanodevices. For our research we are using state of the art cryogenic electrical transport and scanning tunneling microscopy facilities. Our group is also part of the Kavli Nanoscience Institute and the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter. Please feel free to check out our research page and publications. If you are interested in joining us please look at the opportunities page.